Areas of Expertise - Edlmann & Fusi
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Areas of Expertise

Intellectual Property

  • Protection of trademarks and patents at national and international level

  • Unfair competition and compensation for damages

Company Law

  • Advice on the incorporation of new companies, drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements
  • Corporate litigation
  • Due Diligence in case of M&A
  • Corporate restructuring and insolvency proceedings

Real Estate

  • Advice and assistance in the drafting of contracts for the transfer of residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Protection of property and possession
  • Inheritance litigation
  • Divisions


  • Advice and assistance in the establishment of domestic and foreign trusts

Banking Law

  • Disputes between banks and customers arising from the provision of banking and investment services


  • Assistance and advice in the drafting of national and international commercial contracts and related issues

Labour Law

  • Consultancy in contracts and framework of employment relationships
  • Advice and assistance in all matters related to employment relationships such as disciplinary proceedings, transfers, company reorganizations, individual and collective dismissals
  • Due Diligence in case of business transfers, mergers and acquisitions
  • Advice and assistance in relations with trade unions and social security institutions

Privacy Policy

  • Assistance and advice in the drafting of the company’s Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Regulations in Employment Relationships

Corporate Criminal Law

  • Protection for environmental, food, social security and accident prevention crimes.
  • Protection against corporate, financial and tax crimes and offences
  • Protection for business crisis and insolvency offences
  • L.231/2001